• Broadcast Engineering and Consultancy
  • Production
  • Sports Broadcast
  • TV Graphics
  • TV Channel Set-up and Management
  • Studio Design and Virtual Studio Services
  • Content Development, Programming and Format Production
  • Crew Support& Administration Support



Mediapro, aims at enhancing audiovisual broadcast experience all over the globe with its expertise in set up and integration of the latest technology.

Mediapro holds the exclusive TV broadcast and marketing rights of  many sports events including Spanish Professional Football League (La Liga) and the top of European Basketball; Euroleague

Mediapro acquired the rights of all La Liga clubs 12 years ago in order to improve the broadcast experience. Today, Mediapro produces, distributes and markets one of the world’s most successful sports leagues in terms of reach, quality and revenues. 


Mediapro is one of the largest global production service providers, owning large studio complexes and mobile units that produce some of the world’s most important live events (most recently FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 in Brazil) for the most important sports bodies and broadcasters (FIFA, UEFA, CAF, IOC, F1, FIBA). 

Mediapro provides live coverage of football leagues around the world (Spain, Portugal, France and UAE, among others) and offers additional services to 7 other leagues (graphics, equipment, crew). 

Mediapro has produced major events such as; Championships, World Basketball Championship for Women, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Final. Gulf Cup, Asian Cup and Qatar Handball 


Mediapro is a key player in the creation, management and monetization of audiovisual content. 

Mediapro is one of Europe’s most relevant independent TV content providers with a catalogue of over 10,000 hours of produced programming. 

Mediapro creates and produces content such as current affairs programs, films, news bulletins, adverts, documentaries, entertainment programs and fiction series. 

Mediapro has financed and co-produced a number of critic and audience acclaimed films including 3 Woody Allen films: Midnight in Paris, You’ll meet a tall dark stranger and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Mediapro films have taken part in the most prestigious international festivals winning a host of awards: 

  • Oscar (Penelope Cruz for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona)
  • Golden Globe (Independent Spirit Awards)
  • San Sebastian Film Festival (The Golden Shell)
  • More than 20 Goya awards, the Saint Jordi Award and the National Film Award. 

Mediapro also offers foreign film producers production services such as for the shooting of "Haywire" by Steven Soderbergh. 

Mediapro provides football specific content to more than 100 broadcasters around the world and is a specialist in developing sports related programming. Mediapro produces content for all global broadcasters of La Liga and the Euroleague Basketball, as well as for the channels it manages, including (Barça TV, Real Madrid TV, Marca TV) and for key regional TV networks (BeinSports, A3, ESPN). 



Mediapro’s engineering department is a source of breakthrough innovation in live broadcasting and audiovisual experience (3D, Automated Tracking, Innovative Graphics, Ultra Slow Mo, 4K, Immersive View). Mediapro finances 50M € of research and development projects in audio visual technologies with 100 PHD holders.



Mediapro is a pioneer in football/club TV channel development. 

Mediapro has been involved in the set up and launch of 20 Sports Channels around the world, and has fully managed 12 Sports Channels. The company offers "turn-key" services for the set-up and management of TV channels around the world. 

GOL TELEVISIÓN, recently merged with Beinsport Spain, is a subscription based football pay TV in Spain with 24 hours 7 days a week of broadcasting, is managed by Mediapro. 

Mediapro manages production and operations for the TV channels of the two largest football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as for Manchester City and FC Porto. 

Mediapro fully manages the production and delivery of 3rd party owned football and sports channels around the globe: Marca TV, Bein Sports, Abola TV. 

As Mediapro, we combine our technical knowledge with the business acumen of having managed our own channels in order to provide our clients with the most cost efficient solutions at all times.